Kinetic Data Biomolecular Interactions

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Kinetic Data Biomolecular Interactions

Kinetic Data of Bio-molecular Interaction (KDBI) is a collection of experimentally determined kinetic data of protein-protein, protein-RNA, protein-DNA, protein-ligand, RNA-ligand, DNA-ligandbinding or reaction events described in the literature.

Currently, KDBI contains 20,803 records (about 2.5 fold of 8,273 in year 2003) of 11,916 distinctive bio-molecular binding and 13,793 interaction events, which involve 2,934 proteins/protein complexes, 870 nucleic acids and 6713 small molecules.

A new user-friendly search engine is developed for more accurate and efficient query, and a graphic interface is also designed for better representation of data. Moreover, new function of kinetic protein-protein interaction maps is constructed for better data visualization and further quantitative study of biological pathway.

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