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List of locally established private companies that are engaged in bioinformatics research and development or providing bioinformatics-oriented services and solutions.





AVIST (ASEAN Virtual Institute of Science and Technology) is a Virtual Learning network for continuing professional development and advanced studies in science and technology with opportunities for real practical experience at participating universities.

Hypercourse on Bioinformatics

Retriva Retriva solutions is about getting job done with products that help you retrieve and organize your information. We develop products and offer web and graphics development services. Personalised Information System
KOOPRIME KOOPrime is one of the first software companies to provide component-based solutions and services to the life sciences industry. We provide an integrative platform capable of linking heterogeneous businesses, software, hardware, and human processes through the use of components. We also provide toolsets of components that can streamline Internet data collection, high-throughput data processing and data visualisation. KOOPrime Consulting
Lilly Singapore Centre for Drug Discovery
The Lilly Singapore Centre for Drug Discovery focuses on drug discovery research in the areas of cancer and metabolic disorders. The Centre also conducts biomarker discovery in these areas, and scientific computational research and development. Pharmaceutical products
S*BIO S*BIO is a pharmaceutical company focusing on the discovery and clinical development of novel targeted small molecule drugs for the treatment of cancer. Computational analysis are involved in the discovery of new lead candidates and lead optimization for treatment of cancer.
Target Identification and Validation, Lead Discovery, and Lead Optimization 

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