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BioSingapore is part of Mediawiki and Biowiki encyclopedia. BioSingapore is an openfree bioinformatics encyclopedia, which means that the contents can be freely used and edited by anyone. is a bioinformatics sharing site pioneered by BioSING, a team of students from The National University of Singapore (NUS), for participation at the 1st EABN biowiki contest. BioSING is headed by Ms Hu Yongli, who provided the overall direction and project coordination. Other members of the team are: Mr. Mohammad Aslam, who designed and built the site; Ms. Heiny and Mr. Asif Khan who conducted the background research and collected the information/resources. It is the aspiration of BioSING that becomes an integrated and one-stop hub for resources and development in the field of bioinformatics in Singapore.

In August 2007, BioSING decided to take part in the 2nd EABN biowiki contest. The site had been upgraded and made simpler to use. For example, we have added in information on the features of each database - hoping to provide you with the necessary information without wasting your precious time. You might also notice that we have removed the listings on the main page and instead created a dedicated page for each category. now looks neater.. and.. fresh! 

BioSING team would like to thank the organizers of EABN biowiki contest for giving us the opportunity to join and share information on bioinformatics development in Singapore.

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