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BioSingapore is an open free portal that aims to provide a comprehensive repository of bioinformatics-related resources, events, opportunities, research and education in Singapore. This portal was initiated by BioSING, a team of research students from National University of Singapore who are working on bioinformatics projects (for more information on the team click here). The motivation behind the creation of this site stems from the need to have an integrated and one-stop hub for resources and development in the field of bioinformatics in Singapore.

Technological advancement in life sciences has created the field of bioinformatics whereby computational tools are needed to organize and analyze the large volume of data and information generated. While many useful tools, databases, or resources are available, they are often “hidden” and only known to a small group of people. Over the years, we have seen rapid growth in bioinformatics development in Singapore. For example; the introduction and integration of bioinformatics modules as core curriculum in tertiary education, the frequent hosting of regional and international conferences/meetings/courses to discuss latest breakthrough in the field, the creation of specialized databases, the creation of new and refinement of existing analysis tools, the hosting of mirror sites to facilitate access to frequently used bioinformatics resources, the establishment of bioinformatics centers and institutes, and many others. Many of these instances are neither published nor widely known, and became obsolete over time. We expect that with the establishment of this biowiki site, we would be able to maximize the usage of these resources and broadcast them to the interested parties.


Researchers, students, educators, clinicians, and the public in general should find this site useful as a one-stop information hub of bioinformatics-related resources in Singapore. We hope that BioSingapore can serve as the focal point to archive the development of bioinformatics in Singapore that is freely opened to everyone for access and editing. Feel free to join us.



BioDatabases and Tools














National University of Singapore


BioInformatics Center


National Center for Biotechnology Information

BII Bioinformatics Institute
BIRC Bioinformatics Research Centre


The Institute for Infocomm Research


Nanyang Technological University


National University of Singapore - Department of Computational Science


National University of Singapore - Department of Biological Sciences


National University of Singapore - Department of Biochemistry

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